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1.What are acrylic blocks?
They are the best invention for crafters! Here's why:
a. Easier to use.
b. Easier to storage. (You can just have one block for a lot of different designs)
c. Easier to clean.
c. Clear stamps and blocks make precise placement easy.

Why unmounted stamps?
Some people love DIY. Acrylic users do prefer to buy unmounted stamps.

What do I need to make the mounting?
a. EZ Mount or any other brand: is a cling cushion foam that has adhesive for both sides or any glue to paste the stamp to the block, though this method would make it permanent, as on a wood stamp.
b. Acrylic or wood blocks.

What is your stamp material?
Red polymer rubber. We have tried other polymers but personally we love red as stamped images look super detailed and crisp!

Can you change the texts of the stamps for another text?
Sure, for any stamp. Type it in the "special instructions" box that is on each listing.

Can you change the font of the stamp for one that I like?
Yes,  if we have it installed. If we don't, you must send a direct link to download it or send it by email.

Can I use your stamps for my cards, jewelry, etc., that I sell?
Yes, but be sure you read first our Policies. We keep the rights on all our designs.

Can you make custom stamps with my logo?
We will be happy to make ANY stamp for you. Just ask!

What is a digital proof and how many can I have?
Is a digital image or sample of how the stamp will look with your name and info. If you buy many stamps only one proof purchase is needed per order; we will send a sample of all the stamps you buy if you purchase the proof. It includes only one file, a single time. Purchasing a proof is not obligatory, but some buyers want to be sure that all is correct and prefer to see the final file. Anyway, we will do the stamps with the exactly info you type in the "special instructions" box.

Can you make a proof of the stamp before purchasing it?
No, sorry. The proof of the stamp is already on the listing you are looking at, your stamp will look similar but with your info instead, no big diference.

Is 3 weeks since you shipped and my stamp still don't arrive.
Please wait, wait, wait. Sadly we do not have control on postal services and any delay can happen. We assure you we send all the orders.

Can you do something special for me?
Yes, email us and we will put a special listing for you in the shop.

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